Class Descriptions

We love to share our passion for dance with your family.

Introduction to Dance

(Parent & Tot) 18 months to 3 years

Provides an engaging experience of learning and bonding with your young one through movement, vocal play, rhythm and body awareness. This program encourages your child to uncover a physical world while developing self-confidence, self-control and communication skills with kids their age.

Kiddy Hop

4 to 5 Years

This fast paced, highly energetic class is designed for little dancers who like to move. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic hip hop moves, dance to there favorite songs, and make friends in a fun and exciting environment. Our instructors help students develop a sense of rhythm, coordination and a love of dancing.


2 Years & Up

This is an energetic dance form that combines current dance and music with trends and techniques. The classes consist of a warm-up, down-the-floor progressions and stylized combinations.


4 Years & Up

This form of dance is a combination of gymnastic skills and jazz technique. Acro develops strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness. Classes include warm up, balance moves, progressions down the floor and tumbling in advanced levels. Jazz is strongly suggested when enrolling in acrobatics.


2 Years & Up

Ballet is the most elementary and important of all dance forms. Ballet is considered to be the foundation of all dance forms. The school follows the syllabus of The Royal Academy of Dance, which will help to develop strength, control, grace, poise and discipline. The Royal Academy of Dance is an organization which is known worldwide and promotes high standards in students.


4 Years & Up

Tap develops precision, coordination and rhythmic appreciation as it uses the body as an instrument. Classical, funk, and hoofin’ styles are covered with particular emphasis on quality of sound and technique.

Hip Hop

5 Years & Up

Hip Hop is the newest dance craze. A “Fun” high-energy dance form, which combines jazz with street style dance, made famous through music videos. Dance to the music of R&B, hip hop, rap and house. Hip Hop is perfect for those without dance experience who want exercise, the opportunity to meet new friends and to have a blast.  All Boys Hip Hop classes are for Boys Only.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.  Contemporary expresses lyrics in a song and replays a concept to the audience.


Lyrical is a very interpretive style of jazz with a solid ballet base. Lyrical is set to slow music with an emphasis on the interpretation of words through movements. Balance and flexibility are in the spotlight, along with expression and emotion.

Stretch/Strength/ Conditioning

This is a Competitive Program Requirement. Dancers will work towards increasing flexibility, while lengthening muscles and toning muscle groups. Teachers may incorporate a jazz barre component to the class and many times work in partners to use team building skills to help each other further develop their flexibility and strength.

Adult Classes

Adult Classes Include: Fit Fusion and Ballet Barre.  No experience is required.


Milton’s finest in quality dance training. Our faculty are all certified and experienced instructors who have a passion for dance, they love to teach…….and it shows!!!!!

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