Covid-19 Safety Plan

Our Covid-19 Safety Plan

• All instructors and administrative staff will receive emails regarding all guidelines for providing in - studio instruction.
• Team meetings via Zoom will be set up to discuss major changes to the protocols.
• Parents/Guardians (Clients) will receive communica tion via email.
• Signage is posted outside of the studio entrance on the second floor (Suite #215).
• Parents are encouraged to do a self-assessment prior to sending their dancer to class. A list of questions will also be posted at our entrance to the studio.
• Masks will be worn by all persons entering the studio with the exception of children 2 yrs of age or younger. All dancers are highly encouraged to keep their masks on during class. Instructors will be masked for all the duration of all classes.
• Disposable masks are available in the office and in each of the three studios.
• Only parents/guardians of dancers in our Tiny Tots and Little Steps classes (2 - 5 yrs of age) are permitted in the facility. All other parents will drop their dancer off at the studio entrance.
• Parents/Guardians that enter must stay masked the entire time.
• All dancers must be registered for a specific class. There are no drop ins, no make up classes and no trial classes.
• Hand sanitizer is available outside of the entrance to the studio, on the table with the log for contact tracing, in the lobby and in all three studios.
• One door is dedicated to entering the facility. Another door is dedicated to exiting the facility. Families come in the building up the main stairwell and leave the building in the stairwell closest to Suite #215. This door is locked from the outside so no one is able to enter through this stairwell.
• Dancers wait on socially distanced circles in the lobby, with their masks on, before they are called into class by the instructor.
• There are three dedicated shoe racks, one for each studio, to hold dancers’ outside shoes.
• The facility contains three bathrooms and three studios. Each bathroom contains signage to show that it is dedicated for dancers and instructors in a specific studio only.
• Studios will be disinfected between groups of students. This includes floors, barres and areas where bags are kept. Instructors are also required to disinfect the bathroom affiliated with the studio that they are working in. This can also be completed by administrative staff.
• The disinfectant that is being used at The Dance Element Inc. is Fresh Start Environments (
• Cleaning logs are posted in each studio.
• Studio cleaning from an outside company occurs on Sunday evenings.
• Studio windows will be opened when weather permits.
• HVAC units are maintained, and filters changed on a regular basis.
• Contact Halton Public Health 311 or 905-827-9833 or 1-866-442-5866
• Any dancer who becomes symptomatic during a class is brought to a dedicated isolation room and a parent/guardian is contacted to pick them up immediately.
• If the individual is tested and receives a negative result, they can return to dance after they are symptom-free for 24 hours.
• If the individual does not get tested, they can only return to dance after isolating for 5 days from the onset of symptoms and/or are symptom-free for 24 hours (whichever is longer of the two) if vaccinated. If the dancer is unvaccinated, they can return after 10 days from the onset of symptoms and /or are symptom-free for 24 hours (whichever is longer of the two).
• Any changes that occur in the operation of the business or the protocols put in place, will be communicated via email and a Zoom meeting if deemed required by the Studio Owner.
• The Studio Owner and Studio Manager will evaluate the plan and take feedback from all instructors.
• Clients are able to provide feedback via the posted email address of the studio.
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